Paisley Indian Silk Fabric Material 48"W BTY Vermillion Pink & Green

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Product Overview

Vermillion Pink & Green PAISLEY BROCADE FABRIC!

  • This exquisite fabric is perfect for creating traditional costumes, wedding dresses, scarves, tops, skirts, and various accessories such as bags and cushion covers. 
  • The fabric is made of high-quality polyester and silk blended, giving it a luxurious look and feel. 
  • The Paisley pattern is inspired by traditional Asian styles, making it suitable for a wide range of crafts and design projects. 
  • The fabric is pre-shrunk and has an antique/vintage appearance, adding to its unique charm. 
  • It comes in varies length, making it easy to work with. 
  • This beautiful fabric is perfect for anyone looking to create stunning and authentic inspired clothing or crafts.

Fabric Width & Length: Fabric will be cut in one length when order more than one quantity.

Material: High-Quality Polyester & Silk Blended.

Pattern: Paisley


(No reviews yet) Write a Review