Thai Silk Damask Traditional Pattern 40"x72" Fabric Material - Golden Pink

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Product Overview

Thai Silk Damask Traditional Woven Fabric.

Length: 72 inches (2 yards) These fabric being sold by two yards. 

Order 1 quantity is 2 yards and 2 for 4 yards and so on.

FYI: 40"x72" is enough for making skirt size S-M, for larger please order 2 quantities which is 4 yards total.

Width (height): 40 inches

Material: 100% High quality polyester Faux Silk


  • Two Tones Damask.
  • Jacquard woven fabric.
  • High quality 100% Polyester.
  • Thai Traditional Damask Pattern.
  • 28" Regular Damask & 12" Special Damask on the bottom of fabric.
  • Great for making traditional skirt, drape or tablecloth.
  • Hand wash or dry clean.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review